is the online learning division of The Kabbalah Centre, offering anyone with an Internet connection access to weekly studies and a supportive global community that provides the ideal environment to study, grow and transform.
eternal wisdom @ your fingertips
Kabbalah is eternal wisdom that serves as guide for the spiritual rules that govern our world. Through understanding them, you can transform every aspect of your life, and achieve your ultimate destiny – uninterrupted joy and fulfillment. This wisdom has existed in secret for 1000’s of years. But it wasn’t until 1922, when Rav Yehuda Ashlag began teaching to the public, that Kabbalah became available – and practical – to everyday people. Rav Yehuda Brandwein continued the legacy in the mid 20th century, and was succeeded in 1969 by his student Rav Berg, who together with his wife Karen opened the doors to learning like never before in history. Today, the Kabbalah Centre is the largest international organization dedicated to disseminating this wisdom, offering tools and wisdom to millions of students, for the purpose of improving their lives and removing pain and suffering from the world. Our teachings are based on ancient sacred texts and oral teachings, and are a continuation of an authentic legacy, passed down through the generations from master to student. Over the last 40 years, 100’s of Kabbalah Centre teachers have taught 1000’s of students in more than 72 countries, along the way creating a system of spiritual education that speaks to the unique soul of each student. Now with Kabbalah University, this system is available to you wherever you are, at your fingertips.