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In The Name of Love by Monica Berg

[ 3 lessons on relationships for singles & couples ]

Relationships that reach their highest potential give life great meaning and happiness. They give each partner a real sense of self and purpose, and can be the truest source of strength.
In this 3-part series, Monica Berg draws on her life experience as a wife and Kabbalah teacher to share reliable, time-tested methods for benefiting your relationship – and making you happier, stronger and more fulfilled.

Timeless Wisdom for Today by David Ghiyam

[ Intro to kabbalist thinking on life as the Creator meant for you to experience it.]

This ongoing course is about experiencing life as the Creator meant for you to experience it. The physical universe operates under a clear set of spirtual laws. The problem is, we’ve never learned these laws. Once you gain a greater understanding of these laws, lfe becomes easier to naviate.